FREE Interior Design Help


Because we have been in business for so long and are so familiar with Rustic Furniture and how to put it all together, we want to help our customers create the look they desire. And we do it for FREE.

We have helped customers with Bed & Breakfast’s, Vacation Rentals, Staged Homes and Condominiums for sale, Private Homes and Businesses.

Whether it is just one room or an entire home, we have ability and knowledge to put it all together. What we like to do is “suggest” ideas to a customer, let them say yes or no, then build on that. We prefer to get a customers input vs taking over and just doing what we want. We feel we will have a MUCH happier and satisfied customer this way.

We have a HUGE selection of rustic furniture in stock, always, the ability to get something built and a HUGE amount of resourses to make a project come together.

Call us for your Rustic Furniture Interior Design help. Again, we offer this for FREE.

We do not ask for any payment, however, if you are truly happy with our service and you want to give back, we ask that you make a donation to the Kootenai County Humane Society.

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